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Budva – Out of totally 70 locations along the coast, the quality of sea water was out of permitted limits only on one bathing beach and that is Stoliv in Boka Kotorska bay – the results are of the newest sanitary analysis which was conducted from 31st August to3 September.




The sanitary quality of water is analyzed every 15 days based on the Program of closely following the sanitary quality of sea water for which the “Morsko dobro” has engaged weather bureau from Podgorica.

As it is said in the announcement which was made by the manager of the Service for maintaining development Aleksandra Ivanovic, and signed by the Director of the “Morsko dobro” Rajko L. Barovci, out of 70 analyzed locations, the sea water was at 99% of them of first or second class, which means that it is suitable for swimming and recreation.

Sanitary quality of the sea water in 52 locations, which is 74 %, of the nothing beaches was of the first class, in 17 localities was of the second class, while only in Stoliv the quality was out of the permitted limits.

Out of 9 localities in Ulcinj from which the sample of water was taken, on six of them water was first class (on Velika plaza, in bathing beaches: “Tropicana”, “Safari”, “Miami”, “Toni grill”, “Borova suma” and “Don beach”), while on three localities Ada Bojana, Port Milena and Mala plaza was of a second class.

In Bar water on five localities was of first class that is on: Veliki pijesak, Zukotrlica, Crvena plaza, Sutomore – bathing beaches “Centar” and “Tri duda”, while the second class was in Utjeha – bathing beach “Paradiso”, Topolica and Canj.

Out of totally 19 localities in Budva from which a sample was taken, on 17 of them water was of first class.

- First class of water was in Buljarica, Lucice, Petrovac, west part of Sveti Stefan beach, Milocer beach, Kraljica`s beach, Przno, Kamenovo, Becice beach in bathing beaches “The Queen of Montenegri” and “Sveti Toma”, “Tanga Beach” on Zavala, Slovenska beach near Gradjevica and bathing beach “Blue Magic”, “Ricardova glava”, “Mogren”, on Jaz on bathing beaches “S and I beach life” “Escalera” and “Blue beach” while the second class of water was on the east part of the Sveti Stefan beach and Rafailovici bellow “La MIraz”.

In Kotor the sea water was of first class on 9 localities and they are: Marko`s cape, Prcanj, bathing beach of hotel “Fjord”, beach “Malibu” in Dobrota, Sveti Matija, Sveti Stasije, Orahovac, Perast near bathroom II and in Morinj, while the second class of water has bathing beaches in Perast near bathroom I and bathing beach of hotel “Teuta” in Risan. The number of feces bacteria on location in Stoliv surmounted the limits of the permitted for swimming and recreation.
In Tivat on six localities the first class of water was marked: Plavi horizonti, Krasici near lodgment “Maslinjak”, Solila, beach Kalardovo, ponta Seljanovo and Opatovo, while the second class quality had bathing beaches Kalimanj and hotel “Palma”. Out of 17 localities of Herceg Novi, 12 of them had the first class water quality and those are: Kamenari, bathing beach of hotel the “Delfin”(Dolphin) in Bijela, Djenovici, Kumbor, city beach in Meljine, the beach of the hotel “Plaza”(Beach), Corovic`s beach, bathing beach “Yachting Club”, the beach of the Institute RVI, beach “Big blue” Arza – Mirista, Zanjice – bathing beaches “Porto” and “Cuba libre” and the beach Dobrec, while on other five locations the quality of water was of a second class – Baosici, Zelenika beach “Zmijice”, the beach of the hotel “Topla”, the beach near villa “Galeb” and bathing beach of the hotel “Riviera resort” in Njivice.



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