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In the poll, which is conducted every week by the British tour - operator, in which their guests chose a hotel in which they have felt best, in which they had the best time, good service and food, Budva - hotel from Becici “Montenegro”, the ownership of the company “Montenegro stars hotels group”, in the opinion of the guests of the prestigious British tour operator “Saga holidays”, was declared the best hotel in Europe.
becici beach
becici beach
In the poll, that is conducted every week by that tour - operator, their guests choose a hotel in which they have felt best, in which they had the best time, good service, food, and all other components, that are included in elite tourism.

“Saga holidays” takes its tourists in almost all the countries of Europe, above all, Mediterranean, and exclusively in the hotels of high category.

Last year “Montenegro” managed too enter the “top ten”, when it took the fourth place. Without hiding the satisfaction of receiving that flattering recognition, the co - owner of “Montenegro stars” Zarko Radulovic said that it is a great honor for the company, which for less than 3 years has managed to position itself on the world market.

-It should be taken into consideration that guests of “Saga holidays” mark the hotels from entire Europe, apart from Albania and Hungary, as well as the part of Africa and Little Asia. For us that is a great honor, but also an obligation, because this needs to be justified. We managed to build a lot of brands, get a kind personnel, and good food, for which we received a reward. I think that it is one of the right ways for Montenegro to make a step forward - said Radulovic on the yesterday’s press conference.

The representative of “Saga holidays” Denis Lojo said that “Montenegro stars” with Radulovic at the head of it, has put Montenegro on the tourist map of Europe.

In “Saga’s” catalogue of hotels, which is published every season, only hotels of high quality can remain there. If you want to know that certain hotel is good, open “Saga`s” brochure, and if its there that means that it is good. “Montenegro” is given two pages of the catalogue, which has never happened until now. I am proud and excited because what I have experienced in this hotel, such kindness, and service, you can rarely find anywhere - pointed out Lojo and added that this year there will be 3.000 guests which “Saga” will bring here.

The record that people often wait in lines for months for the hotel in Becici according to the word of the representative of “Saga” Janina Buzaljko, shows how big interest for “Montenegro” is.

Restoration of the hotels is necessary

Radulovic expects that in the next three - four years Montenegro will have extremely many guests and will be a “number one” destination.

We have to work and restore hotels more, better and faster in order to adequately await seasons to come, and to acquire the image of not only beautiful and cheap, but also of high - quality destination in service - stated Radulovic.

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