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The assistant of Minister of tourism Nebojsa Popovic, with his associates, received today in Podgorica the ambassador of the Republic of Estonia in Montenegro, Mrs. Karin Jaani.
By expressing the satisfaction with the visit, the assistant of Minister introduced the ambassador with the current state in the sector of tourism, the results of this year tourist season, possibilities of investment in new large tourist projects in Montenegro, as well as the accompanying infrastructure.

The ambassador Karin Jaani informed the representatives of the Ministry of tourism about every day larger interest of the Estonian market for Montenegro as a tourist destination and expressed expectations that in the future this market will have a bigger share in the entire structure of foreign tourists in Montenegro. In the meeting it is agreed the establishing of firmer cooperation in the area of tourism between these two countries, especially in the area of eco tourism, considering the fact that the Republic of Estonia in last few years notes a significant growth and development in this area.
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