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Budva – Despite extremely good season, which surprised even the biggest skeptics, and good organization in the zone of the Morsko dobro (See property) which was conducted by the Public enterprise, this summer has, still, shown numerous problems which should be eliminated until the next year, in order to raise the level of services even more – said the Director of the "Morsko dobro" (Sea Property) Rajko Barovic.
According to his words, the main problem in performance of the bathing beaches is the overcrowdings of the beach area with beach equipment.

-The Public enterprise with its partners gave a significant contribution to advancement of the quality of the entire tourist offer of Montenegro in this year. This was best confirmed by the guests that this summer have been very satisfied with the arrangement and equipment of the beaches and bathing beaches on the Montenegrin coast. However, on certain beaches was obvious that the criteria that were issued by the Decree of arranged and built bathing beaches were not obeyed, that is, one third of the beach area was not freed from easy chairs. Through tourist telephone we got the majority if denunciations apart o from the ones on the overcrowdings with easy chairs we got them also on disabling or conditioning of free entrance on the beach, while on some beaches the illegal charging of entrance was noted. There will not be such problems any more, because “Morsko dobro” is consistent in applying the Decree strictly, and everyone who chooses to turn deaf ear to it will bear the consequences which is breaking the contract – pointed out Barovic for “Vijesti”.

He added that “Morsko dobro”, unfortunately, has no administrative jurisdiction, so about every problem that is pointed out by tourists or noticed by the workers of Public Enterprise in routine controls of the zone of the sea property we have to notify the authorized inspections.

-Unfortunatelly, beside the extremely good organization of the bathing beaches, for which we received many praises, we had individual cases which in great degree ruin the impression that guests take with them from Montenegro. That this year was well organized, testifies also the fact that there were no bigger problems, and it is well known that in the peak of the season in the zone of the sea property we had about 200.000 tourists – said Barovic.

He reminded that during the season there were 658 contracts about using the sea property that were concluded.

-Out of the total number of the concluded contracts, 359 were referred to ceding of beaches, bathing resorts, parts of the coast and aqua space, 239 were referred to ceding of temporary locations, while 60 contracts were referred to ceding of the terraces of the restaurant objects. With the program of the organization of bathing beaches, which the Management committee has adopted, this year there were 366 public, to everyone available bathing beaches, 42 hotel bathing beaches with special, high standards of the beach offer, three representative bathing beaches with limited regime of usage and four naturally protected bathing beaches. Beside these, there are 31 naturally arranged bathing beaches, which fulfill all the security, service and mostly, infrastructural conditions of the organization of the beach. Somewhat lower degree of organization at 214 natural bathing beaches meant keeping them clean and arranged – explained Barovic.

He concluded that totally predicted 1,3 millions of euros, which public enterprise determined to invest this year in the zone of the sea property until the end of the year will be carried out.

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