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Podgorica - Minister of Tourism Predrag Nenezic stated yesterday that this years visit of one million tourists and the income of 300 million euros confirm the prognosis of the World traveling and tourism center (WTTC) that Montenegro is the fastest growing tourist economy in the world.
perast montenegro
Perast, Montenegro
Minister Nenezic, on occasion of celebration of the World day of tourism, said that the trend of the two digit increase rate of income and number of tourists is continued, and that the Montenegrin hotels will be filled until November.

The projections of the WTTC for the rest of this year are that the gross social product which will be achieved in tourism and traveling will be approximately 300 millions of euros. The participation of tourism, direct and indirect contribution in the creation of gross of social products in 2006 will be 15, 7%, and that until 2016 will be 22,1% or 698 millions of euros - said Nenezic.

He pointed out that the total employment in the wider economy which is generated with tourism in this year is estimated at 24.200 work positions or 16,8% of the total employment.

This years tourist season in Montenegro, among other things, is characterized by a higher degree of quality in all the elements of its offer, increase of the number of foreign tourists, extension of the duration of the season, a faster growth of number of overnight staying, as well as a more diverse offer - said Nenezic.

He announced that in the period to come they will work on the strengthening of the stuff potential, implementation of the most modern informational technology on all levels, opening of new work positions, improvement of the traffic network and realization of the projects of water supply, treatment of the waste waters and hard waste.

Next week Montenegro will become a full right member of the European commission for tourism and traveling, whose members are national tourist organizations from 33 European countries, and on the next gathering the reception in the membership of WTO is also expected – stated Nenezic.

Minister of tourism couldn’t say yesterday whether his Ministry will still work independently or in the future it will eventually be a part of the Ministry of economy.

We still haven’t talked about the organizational structure of the Government, as well as about the decisions about personnel. It is hard to estimate the way of functioning of the Ministry of tourism, until all the aspects are seen. Montenegro is a tourist state and the development of that sector in greatest part depends on the inter resort cooperation - explained Nenezic.

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