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Are there any difficulties in negotiations about giving in lease Sveti Stefan (St. Stefan), Kraljica`s beach and Milocer, considering the fact that the negotiations last more than half a year?

sveti stefan
sveti stefan

The negotiations are in its terminal phase. The commercial conditions and elements of the contract are almost completely brought to an accord. Montenegro will receive at least 2.1 million euros for the lease of those complexes, which will of course be harmonized with the inflation rate. The investment will be 40 million euros, and all the employees, about 220 of them in Sveti Stefan, Milocer and Kraljica`s beach will be taken on. Now we have only to agree about the details of the idÈe fixe of the future reconstruction, that is, the building. There is a really great degree of certainty that the realization of this extremely attractive and important arrangement with Aman resorts will be carried out, but we should wait until it is completed.


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