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Budva – In Montenegro there are 37 thousands tourists at the moment, which is 1/5 more than last year, and according to the evidence of the Tourist organization of Montenegro, among them there are 19.000 foreigners which is 60% more, while there are 1% more domestic tourists than last year.

Judging to their newest records about the number of guests in Budva Riviera, that Tourist organization of Budva reported yesterday, the post season in the metropolis of tourism began more successful than last year. According to the newest records of Budva`s Tourist organization, in the are of Budva Riviera there are 15.851 guests staying, which is for16 % better visit than at the beginning of September last year.

From the total number of guests, as it is stated in the yesterday’s announcement, 9.341 of them are foreign tourists while there are 6.510 domestic guests.

The best filled capacities mark the hotels, in which there are 10.538 guests registered, which is for ¼ better visit that in the same period last year. The hotel keepers have served 7.413 foreign guests, while there were 3.125 domestic tourists – it is stated in Tourist Organization Budva.
In difference to the peak of the season, when the camps were not so visited, in the post season the situation is quite different.

- In the camps there are 263 registered guests at the moment, which is for 1/3 more than last year. Out of the total number of guests 128 of them are foreign while there are 135 registered domestic guests.

Poorer filled capacities have the rest homes in which there are 750 exclusively domestic guests, which is 7% fewer than last year. Considering the fact that in Budva Riviera there is no precise statistic information about the number of beds in private accommodation, only the estimation of the number of guests in that type of capacity is stated. It is estimated that at the moment in Budva Riviera at house owners there are 4.300 guests, which is 2% more than last year. According to the evaluation in private accommodation there are 1.800 foreign and 2.500 domestic guests – it is concluded in the announcement.


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