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Herceg Novi – With the estimation that this year’s tourist season was better than the previous one and that such trend will continue, the members of the Presidency of the Montenegrin tourist association have pointed out on the last night’s meeting at numerous defects and shortages.
herceg novi
herceg novi
  We are the only state in Europe that doesn’t have the highway, said Bosko Lucic from the section of CTU (Montenegrin Tourist Association) for traffic. He pointed out that the problem of parking and garages has to be solved and suggested that every tourist place builds a great parking lot at the entrance of the town until the beginning of the next season in order to unburden the traffic in the lodgments.

With the note that the preparation of the season was not done well, Marko Djuric in the name of the Tourist agencies, pointed out that tourists sometimes because of the work on the road, have waited in the busses from half an hour up to two hours. He spoke about the problem of the noise - too loud music, stray dogs, grey economy and pointed out the work of the illegal transporters who with the unregistered busses have offered trips for ½ lower prices than those in the agencies.

Branko Vukmanovic has pointed out the discordance between the quality of the hotels and the stuff that works in them, with the conclusion that there is no well prepared program of schooling and educating young people for tourism and catering.
The shortages of the quality of stuff were also pointed out by Lazar Catovic, emphasizing that above all, we miss good chefs and waiters.

From 42 camps in Montenegro none of them has the authorization - said Caba Madjar and reprimanded the fact that the conditions that the owner of the auto - camp has to fulfill, in order to be engaged in that business, are very strict and incompatible to our circumstances.

The main Republic tourist inspector Bozo Vucekovic said that this year more than 5.000 controls were done and that 4.400 irregularities were found.

The greatest problem is the grey economy in the domestic diligence - said Vucekovic and pointed out the quick intervention of the inspection at the complaints of the tourists on the phone of the Ministry of tourism, at which they reacted already after several hours after the call.


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