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Budva – Minister of Tourism Predrag Nenezic, laid a foundation stone for the building of the future water town on the hill Toplis above Budva, first of that kind in the Adriatic.
The municipality of Budva concluded at the end of March an exclusive contract with a company from Cyprus “Numerico trading limited”, with which it is predicted to give into lease 60.000 m2 on the hill Toplis for the period of 20 years. The company from Cyprus is a part of an international corporation “Aqua park” whose head offices are in Valencia, and which at the moment has in almost all destinations around the world more that 96 aqua parks.

The water town will unite a series of entertaining contents, open pools, diving board, toboggans, and all the things that can be found in the objects of that kind.

Preparation works on clearing the terrain have already started. To Cyprus Company a lot on which a dump for construction material is placed, and which will be displaced was given, and that part of Budva will be refined with the most modern contents for entertainment on water.
By pointing out that it is the first object of that kind on the Montenegrin coast and the entire Adriatic Minister Nenezic said that the Aqua park with its contents will significantly complement the tourist offer if Budva and Montenegrin coast.

It will spread on the width larger that 5 Ha, which is the space more than enough for families and individuals, and those who crave for this tyoe of fun, spend pleasant time. It is for sure that not only guests from the Montenegrin coast but also from the Dubrovnik region will come and use the services of this Aqua Park.

As things are standing, it will be finished until the next season. This is a continuation of our activities on supplementing the tourist offer of the Montenegrin coast and Montenegrin tourism in general, and it is something that is in accordance with our strategy of development. We defined that from 2005 – 2007 we will start the building of Aqua Parks in Montenegro and that is exactly what is going on in Budva which is a metropolis of our tourism and a leader in development of tourism in the entire region, and not only in the narrower area – informed Nenezic.

The Major of Budva Rajko Kuljaca said that the ending if the works on building of the first aqua park in Montenegro they expect to be on June 1st following year.

I think that we as local autonomy will help to the contractor that that happens. This is just a beginning of successful and investments that are really worthy in Budva and in the entire Montenegrin coast – said Kuljaca.

He stresses that the contractor of the works is company “Trade junik”, and those investments will cost six to eight millions of euros.

As it was previously said in Aqua Park Cyprus Company will employ 110 to 120 worlers from whom one part will be season workers. Maximum capacity of Aqua Park will be 6.000 to 7.000 visitors a day, but such a visit is expected only during the holidays or other special dates.

Otherwise, the average visit that is expected is 1.200 to 1,300 visitors, and during the weekend up to 3.500 visitors. The average price for the ticket for the adults will be 12 to 15 euros and for children 8 to 10 euros. Also, Aqua Park will be a minimal water consumer, that is to say, its consumption is fewer than of a motel of 40 beds.

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