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Tivat – that this years tourist post season on the Montenegrin coats is one of the best in the last 15 years, testify the records about the number of passengers at the airport Tivat.




Even though the second half of September began, the traffic in the most frequent Montenegrin air port is still pretty big.

From the 1st of January till the 18th September 2006, Tivat airport has marked traffic of 382.121 passengers, while in the entire 2005 there were 377.013 passengers.

According to the words of the Director Ranko Boskovic, in the employment of the Tivar air port they expect to end this year with a total traffic of 436.000 passengers which is more that the “averagely optimistic” option from the Master plan of the development of the Montenegrin airports predicted even for the 2013 year.

Otherwise, last Saturday, which is the most frequent day in a week when we are talking about airport Tivat, 32 airplanes of which 28 were big passenger’s airplanes on regular and charter lines from 10 European countries were received and serviced.

In Saturday over the Tivat air port totally 7.133 passengers were transferred. Of that number, 3.222 of them came of in Tivat, which, as it is emphasized in the employment of the airport Tivat, confirms that the hotels on the Montenegrin coast will have good capacities even in the postseason.

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