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As it was planned, summer season 2006 was exquisite for quite a lot of things. Namely, this is the first summer tourist season of the Independent state of Montenegro. Also, the first significant season, by the number of foreign visitors, who compared to all the previous years were indeed much more.


herceg novi
herceg novi

Tourists from Britain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Albania, Netherlands, Italy and many other countries have enjoyed in the boons of the summer, on the gorgeous Montenegrin seas and mountains. The hotels are also much better now then they were in previous years. A great number of renewed and new hotels have finally coruscated in the offer of the Montenegrin tourism. They have coruscated with their extraordinary quality, great service, and with their beauty They have glistened with their extraordinary quality, great service and with their beauty. Pleasant, warm weather, beautiful sea, amazing natural beauties, a great number of interesting cultural historic and religious places, pleasant people, that is the shortest way to describe Montenegro. That is why we area sure that in the years to come, greater number of tourists from all over the world will come to see for themselves if the thought that was said long time ago by Lord Byron is true: “On the birth of our planet, the most beautiful meeting of the land and the sea must have happened on the coast of Montenegro”.
Visit–Montenegro.com has also noted really impressive results this summer. Compared to the year 2005, this season we have marked an increase of visit for 300%. Of course, some of the reasons of such success are surely new services of Visit-Montenegro.com which we have offered to our visitors, precise and useful information, daily tourist news etc.


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