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The Adriatic Fair offers exhibitions in a 2500 year old town, whose existence and development are contributed by the trade itself.
Middle Age trade regulations explicitly elaborate on dues and taxes and prove that the town had not only had local trade but also foreign exchange of goods, especially material. In the past, Budva was known as a place of delivery of goods and ocassionally silver.
One may say that Budva has always been a place where merchants from all over the world meet and the tradition is continued.
Modern Fairs imply tourism as a frame and the first fair manifestation Tourist Exhibition in Budva was held from 5-20 August in 1968 and it was organized by Yugoslav Trade Board. That exhibition welcomed 153 exhibitors, of which 5 foreigners and 50.000 visitors and in that way initiated development of business services in Budva and Montenegro. Subject fairs have been held since then.
Independent Enterprise for fair organization, called The Adriatic Fair was entered into the former Yugoslavia Trade Board from 1974, when there were the following fairs in Budva: Enterior and Decoration, Tourism and Food, Clothes, Children Fair, Nautic Fair. etc.
Following modern trade trends, the Adriatic Fair has been developing its activities in the country and abroad and under its wings we can see products from all over the world. Tourism and natural beauty are invariable values of the city, but also faithful exhibitors and their products and services should be acknowledged.
The Adriatic Fair sees its future in the area of domestic and foreign trade and offers the best conditions, business atmoshere, consulting and many other services.

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