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Bar is a port town with Intensive sea traffic, one of the biggest ports on the Adriatic Sea. It is also the starting railway station that goes through Podgorica to Belgrade and further to the north, or to the other parts of Europe. The new city core is characteristic by its modern architecture, but the old part of the city - Start Bar is a history for itself (dates from the 9th Century). The city walls, or the fortress, are well preserved and make the integral part of the attractive touristic offer. The surrounding area is rich with numerous olive groves. There is also the oldest olive tree in Europe, more than 2000 years old that gives itsjruit also today.
Bar is also a city with attractive touristic offer in its nearer surrounding. First of all, there is Sutomore, the main touristic center with a long sand beaten, numerous hotels, vilas and restaurants. Susanj and Canj distinguish themselves by their attractions.

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