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Every step, every stone of the coast of MonteNegro makes a story for itself. Various: influences of the Byzantine, Venetian, Romany Illyrian, Islamic and Hellenic time, conditioned the rich cultural heritage. As the cross-road of East and West, the South Adriatic Sea was exposed to the influence Christianity and Islam, or of the Orthodoxy ar Catholicism, making through its long history a unique spiritual oasis. The coast of Monte Negro is the most attractive part of the Republic of Monte Negro, which, together with the Republic of Serbia, makes the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. By its Constitution, the Republic of Monte Negro has been created as the state of sovereign citizens, on the foundations of a multi-party parlamentary democracy, based upon the market economy. Monte Negro occupies the space of middle Mediterranean, or of the South Europe. Although small by surface (13,812 km) its characteristics make it also a mountain, continental and coastal country.




 The simultaneous diverseness on such small space, makes Monte Negro a specific country with four climatic types, with a number of variations, giving to it, from the standpoint of tourism many comparative advantages. The coast of Monte Negro, or the South Adriatic Sea, falls into the cleanest and warmest seas of the Mediterranean. In order to protect the exceptional nature and its values, the Parliament of Monte Negro proclaimed Monte Negro ecological country in 1991, so that its 620.000 inhabitants make a country, unique in the world, the country that established a special state relation toward the nature.The total lenght of the Monte Negro coast is 293,5 km and 16 km of island coast, with 117 beaches - long more than 52 km. It makes 18% of the total Monte Negro territory. A number of sand beaches and coves, the specific blue-green colour of clear sea, the background with high mountains and with thj unique Boka Kotorska Bay - the most beautiful fiord on Mediterranean and wider, give an exceptional attraction to the Monte Negro coast. High and steep karst mountains Orjen, Lovcen, Sutorman and Rumija seem to protect, like insurmountable ramparts, such unque pearl of the nature.Being like that, the coast of Monte Negro represented always the inspiration for a number of artists. At a moment of artistic brainstorm, Lord Byron wrote down: "At the moment of the birth of our planet, the most beautiful meeting of earth and sea happened at the coast of Monte Negro. When the pearls of nature were sown, a full hand was used for this ground.We hope sincerely that this Catalogue which lies in front of you will be your true guide, directory and adviser in the discovering of new places on the coast of your and our inspirations. 




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