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Gentle, sheltered slopes of Vrmac peninsula, Tivat field, and Krtole cove make up the Tivat Riviera.

In the vicinity of Tivat, especially around the Island of Sv. Marko, the sea is calm and suitable for water skiing and other water sports. The town park in Tivat is one of the most beautiful and largest in Boka, having very diverse trees brought from various parts of the world. Two among them arise special interest: two eucharis trees, not found anywhei else in the whole Balkans.We recommend some of the following colourful beaches of the Tivat Riviera: Opatovo, located 3 kilometres from the town centre near the ferry crossing, is a 200 meters long sandy beach, stretching on the left and right hand side of a light-house.

Rt Seljanovo is a beach located on a stretch between Tivat and Verige, it covers 1area of 1,700 m2, just 1 kilometre from Tivat. The beach is partly rocky, but havvery flat rocks, suitable for swimmers and partly sandy.

 Belane is a sandy beach in the very centre of the town, near Tivat hotels and promenade. It is urban type of a beach and covers the area of 1,200 m2.
Ostrvo cvijeca (the Island of Flowers) covers the area of 1,200 m2 and is a circular beach, following the line of the island itself and having the same length, 300m, and 200m wide, with a number of smaller sandy beaches scattered along its rim. As its name imply, this is an island with rich Mediterranean vegetation, where you can enjoy in the shade and discover pleasure in scents and tastes of seafood and good vine served in its restaurants.
Next to Ostrvo cvijeca there is a sandy beach called Kalardovo, covering the area of 4,200 m2, with a restaurant and a beach bar.
Sveti Marko is an island with a 4,000-metere long beach, with an exclusive tourist settlement of a closed type, within the chain of ,,Club Medi-teranee" from Paris
with about 1,000 interesting Tahiti-type huts. This island has many attractive little coves and inlets, surrounded by olive groves and subtropical vegetation, and accessible only by boats. This exclusive area is a real challenge for adventurers.
Plavi horizonti (Blue Horizons) is a beach located in Przno cove and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on this side of Lustica peninsula, but also on the whole of Montenegrin coast. It faces the open sea, with the hotel of the same name right behind it, and is covered in fine sand with healing qualities. One specific feature of this beach is that it is surrounded by olive and pine trees where swimmers and sunbather often seek shelter from the sun and the heat. Shallow waters stretch far into the sea and are thus suitable for children and non-swimmers. It is considered that Pr2no has the highest number hours of sunshine a year. The beach itself is 300 m long and may accommodate some 900 people.
Krasici is located in the vicinity of the settlement of the same name, near Radovici, 15 km away from Tivat. It is characterised by small coves with sandy and ffocky beaches. The beach is some 1,500 metres long.
Oblatno is a cove located in the vicinity of the Radovici hamlet. It has a 1,200 m | sandy beach, with another much smaller but equally attractive rocky beach near-lit is surrounded by lush vegetation; there is no development around it, which adds i attractiveness of the beach.

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