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The central part of Kotor's Bay is an urban unit consisting of the town of Kotor itself and several smaller settlements and harbours. The following little beaches are found along the Kotor Riviera:

Morinj is a sandy and pebble beach at Kotor Riviera, 1,000 metres long and 15 meters wide, located in a unique spot where the sea enters the land in the form of a channel thus forming a natural marina. The beach is located on a cape, in the immediate vicinity of the road. Close to the beach there are fresh water springs where old mills were turned into exclusive restaurants of exquisite atmosphere.

Risan beach is located on the side of Risan closer to Strp. It is a pebble beach, 1000 meters long, and 10 meters wide, suitable for health tourism and recreation. It is in the immediate vicinity of ,,Teuta" Hotel.Bajova kula (Bajo's Tower) is an attractive beach and a favourite spot of people from Kotor. It was named after the legendary hero Bajo Pivljanin, who built the tower as his refuge, to hide from Turks. It is located on the road to Perast, and is a pebble beach, 60 meters long, with crystal clear and translucent water. It is accessible both by road and by sea.
Orahovac is also a beach favoured by inhabitants of Kotor. This is a beach with sunshine throughout the day, with crystal clear water. It is located near Kotor, towards Perast. It is a pebble beach, 1,000 meters long, made special by its surroundings - it is a harmonious combination of the shore and sea with piers and jetties stone Mediterranean houses, surrounded by luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation. This beach, just like the others in its vicinity, has clear and clean sea, the fact proven by seashell farms nearby.

 Markov Rt is one of the best-known sites for health tourism and rehabilitation. It has a separate developed beach used mostly by the guests of the hotel. It is a pebble beach, 100 meters long, with a hotel settlement of the same name consisting of bungalows. Markov rt is on the raod from Prcanj to Stoliv, within the Bay of Kotor.

Zukova cove belongs to the area of Donji Grbalj and is one of the attractions of this part of the coast. The cove itself is the centre of several smaller ones gravitating towards it. The coast gently descends towards the sea; it is a pebble beach 200 meters long, surrounded by Mediterranean shrubbery.

Bigovo cove also belongs to Donji Grbalj and is located between Budva and Tivat. It is a fishermen's village, a harbour, known for its healing mud, found in the very end of Bigovo bay, known for its rocky beaches, good fish and fishermen's festivities.

Trsteno cove is one of the most beautiful beaches in Donji Grbalj, one of the nine most beautiful beaches at the coast of Montenegro. It is deeply cut into the land and thus well protected from big waves, and both northern and southern winds. The secluded 200-metre long strip of fine sand, clear celestial blue sea, sandy bottom, unspoilt nature are just some of the things you may find on Trsteno beach. There is a good asphalt road leading to Trsteno, connecting it, via the cove of Jaz, with Herceg Novi - Bar highway.


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