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Herceg Novi's Riviera to the north of its bay, covering the length of 26 kilometres, today consists of a number of coastal settlements that merge with each other.

There are two airports in the relatively immediate vicinity, the one in Tivat and the one in Cilipi (Croatia). Along the coastline of Herceg Novi one encounters beautiful beaches and famous sites, and within the central slopes and plains of Lustica there are gentle villages with characteristic houses, churches and other monuments. One of specific features of Herceg Novi Riviera is its 5-kilometre long promenade called ,,Pet Danica", a wonderful walk path along the sea and with a view of the town. This town is famous also as a meeting place and residence of many artists, as a clear confirmation of its appeal and pleasant environment.
Across from Herceg Novi is Njivice beach, commanding a spectacular view not only of the town but the whole of Boka Kotorska with its hinterland, all the way towards Mt. Lovcen. In its vicinity there is the famous Plava spilja (Blue Cave), where the sea waves cut deeply into the rock arched over the sea. People come there to enjoy magnificent constantly changing shades of the colour of the sea.

Zanjic is located in Miriste cove, deeply cut into the land of Lustica peninsula, 3.8 sea miles away from Herceg Novi, located in an environment of celestial blue sea and old olive groves. This is a beach with white pebble stones, 300m long and 15 m wide, having the capacity of 1,000 people. Zanjic is surrounded by olive groves where you can rest in deep shade, taste some good vine and specialties of Lustica. In the vicinity there is the Plava spilja and Mamula Island with an old Austrian fortress, accessible by own boats or joining one of the tourist boats offered by travel agencies. Zanjic beach is accessible from the land, via Krasici and Radovici, or from the sea.

Between the cove of Zanjic and Miriste capes there is a small inlet called Miriste, by many the most attractive site of Herceg Novi Riviera. There is now a modern developed beach there, a combination of concrete sections and sand. The beach gradually emerges from a dense olive wood, uniquely harmonizing only what nature is able to create. A restaurant offering a wide selection of local dishes makes part of this complex.Rose is a fishermen's settlement of original architecture, touching the sea on one side and leaning on the hill on the other, located on the very promontory of Lustica peninsula, facing Igalo. Rose is indeed one of the most beautiful spots on this whole Riviera. Its hinterland is covered in lush Mediterranean vegetation, having some extraordinary species of this type of vegetation. The coast is rocky, and the sea rather deep with sandy or rocky bottom, posing a real challenge for scuba divers and underwater fishing lovers. Once this place used to be quarantine for world seafarers, thus today you can here meet descendents of Portuguese and Spanish sailors. Rose is accessible both by road and by sea.
Igalo includes the urban waterfront from Sutorina River to Galeb restaurant, at the same time being both a promenade and a developed beach. It is a combination of natural sandy beach and developed concrete one, providing for pleasant time to be spent swimming and sunbathing. For all the lovers of developed hotel beaches, Igalo is the right choice. The length of the waterfront is 1,500m and has the capacity of approximately 3,500 people. Igalo is famous for its healing mineral waters and mud, i.e. for the health tourism organised by the Institute for physical medicine and medicinal rehabilitation ,,Dr Simo Milosevic". They have been proved successful in treating nerves, joints, muscles, rheumatism, reproductive organs, applying up-to-date phys-iotherapeutic methods, making Igalo one of the most famous centres of the kind in whole Europe. Another important medical and recreational centre of the kind on this Riviera is located in Meljine, to the east of Herceg Novi.
The part of Herceg Novi Riviera stretching from Kumbor to Kamenari is adorned by many a small beach, pier, harbour and boat shelter, surrounded by cultivated orange, tangerine and olive groves and diverse Mediterranean vegetation. These beaches function as almost private since they are located in front of the houses built on the very waterfront, so if you happen to spend your vacation here you may almost feel as having your own private beach. This part of the coast is 3,200m long and may accommodate some 6,000 people.



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