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The stretch of coast belonging to the Budva Riviera abounds in bays, coves and inlets, separated by capes and offering wonderful views.

Coves and inlets hide beaches, most beautiful in the whole Mediterranean according to many of their features: Jaz, Mogren I i II, Gradske plaze, Slovenska plaza, Guvance, Becici, Kamenovo, Przno, Milocer, Kraljicina plaza, Sveti Stefan, Drobni pijesak, Perazica do, Petrovacka plaza, Lucica, Buljarica. An opportunity for adventure and romantic experience is offered at the island in the vicinity of Sveti Nikola. Budva has an international harbour and a marina, well equipped for receiving yachts, and small and medium size boats. Because of all these features and many opportunities offered to have a good rest, to enjoy and have a unique experience, Budva was called the ,,capital" of Montenegrin tourism.

  Budva real estate and property market has become very active as of lately. Many foreign investors are interested in Budva properties because the potential capital growth and return of investment looks to have very bright future here. 

Jaz beach is one of three major resources of the coast of Montenegro. It lies with Mrcevo polje in its hinterlands, a seasonal stream Drenovstica passes through it, and on both sides it is protected by the hills of Grbalj and Straza. The beach is 2.5 km away from Budva in the direction of Tivat, and consists of two parts, the larger one 500m long, and the smaller one 300m long, the smaller one being used by nudists. It is a pebble beach, while a bit further away from the shore the bottom turns into sandy bottom giving the water a magnificent turquoise colour. Along the greater part of the beach, in the Mediterranean vegetation and greenery there is a campground with the capacity of 2,000 lots. This beach is a protected natural heritage site.

Mogren I and II beaches stretch from the cape called Mogren to the Avala Hotel belvedere. Their natural environment place Mogren into the category of most attractive beaches, with sand of medium particle size, both on the beach itself and in water. The beach is well exposed to the sun and southerly wind. From the backside it is protected by the hill of Spas covered in dense pine and oak woods. The beach is accessible only via hotel complex of Avala, which gives the beach its exclusivity. It is not more than 150 meters away from the old town. Mogren consists of two sandy beaches of total length of 350 meters, connected with a tunnel, concrete paths leading to them. They were named after the Spanish seafarer Mogrini, who suffered a shipwreck and landed on one of them. As a sign of gratitude, he built St. Anthony's church.As for town beaches, one is located between the Old Town and the Avala Hotel and the other between the Old Towrn and the Budva Marina. These are both pebble beaches and are located next to the walls of the Old Town.
The Slovenska beach stretches from the town harbour to the Park hotel, 1,600 meters in total length. It was declared a beach as early as 1920, and the Czechs who spent their summer holidays in Budva in 1935 gave it its present name Slovenska plaza (Slavic Beach). It is a pebble beach, and has at its backside a hotel complex with apartments, restaurants, cafes, and well tended for parks with diverse Mediterranean plants.
Guvance is a small sandy beach located below the walking path leading towards Becici, near the tunnel, of total length of some 80 m. You will enjoy in the seclusion and beauty of this little beach.

 The Becici beach is one of the largest and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the southern Adriatic. It is a sandy beach, 1,950 m long and stretches from Zavala to Djevistenje. In 1935 it won the ,,Grand Prix" in Paris as the most beautiful beach in Europe. The significance attached to the beaches of Budva's Riviera and the quality of the sand is best illustrated by the fact that the Czechs organised an exhibition of sand from these beaches. Along the beach, there is a complex of tourist settlements. It may be regarded as swimming and sunbathing area with all the amenities, as an area for sport, recreation and rest in well-kept parks and at sport fields for different sports and as the area of diverse accommodation facilities. 

 Kamenovo beach is the first in a series of 16 smaller, but exceptionally attractive beaches of Budva Riviera, towards Perazica do. It is located between Becici and Przno, a sandy beach with sandy sea bottom giving its crystal clear waters very strange, at time turquoise and at time celestial shades. It faces southeast and has a large number of hours of sunshine. Kamenovo beach is 730 meters long and easily accessible due to the vicinity of the main road.
Przno beach is located in front of a picturesque typically Mediterranean settlement of the same name, which gives the beach itself its special attractiveness. It stretches from Przno cape to Milocer cape.

Przno is a combination of sandy and partly rocky beach 350 meters of length. It is surrounded by olive groves of exceptional value, which is why the whole site is enlisted as protected nature reserve. In the immediate vicinity there is the ,,Maestral" hotel, and several taverns and cafes with local atmosphere which offer exceptional gastronomic moments. Here you can enjoy most beautiful sunsets.
Milocer's beach is located near the former summer residence of the royal family Karadordevic, built in 1934, separated by a wall from the road, with two gates, one opening towards Przno, and the other towards Sveti Stefan. The beach is 280 m long, surrounded by woods covering the area of 18 ha, with rare exotic tree species like the Libyan cedar, tropical mimosas, loquats, cacti, agaves and others. The Milocer beach belongs to high category sandy beaches and together with its most beautiful surrounding and the exclusive hotel it makes a perfect piece of joint efforts of man and nature.
Kraljicina plaza (Queen's Beach) is located next to Milocer beach and with its attractiveness it fits into its environment perfectly. It is a 200m long beach surrounded by cypress and olive tress. Its name derives from the fact that it was a favourite spot of Queen Marija Karadordevic.

 Further on towards Sveti Stefan, one encounters a very rare natural phenomenon called "tombolo". It is a sandy strip connecting the shore with a sea rock, on which Sveti Stefan was built, the exclusive town-hotel. Sveti Stefan, the greatest pearl of our coast, is also one of the most attractive spots and tourist destinations in the whole Mediterranean. Rocky foundation on which stone houses were built, today modern tourist apartments, encircled by walls, surrounded by quiet beaches and clean and clear sea, with great natural beauties of the surrounding area, make this spot the most luxurious and the most attractive tourist resort in Montenegro. On the left-hand and right-hand side of the sandy strip there are two sandy beaches, with characteristic reddish colour of the sand of total length of 1170 meters. Near the beaches there are hotels, restaurants, cafes, scuba divers' clubs, parking, a park of the Mediterranean type. Sveti Stefan, the only deluxe destination on the coast of Montenegro, is an exclusive resort well known the world over for a very long time. Celebrities spend their holidays here, some of the famous guests having been; Willy Brant, Bobby Fisher, Sofia Loren & Carlo Ponti, Monica Viti, Ingemar Stenmark, Kirk Douglas, Sylvester Stalone and Claudia Shiffer - to name a few. 


Southward towards Petrovac, the terrain is such that there are several little beaches, well hidden and accessible only from the sea. The one standing out by its beauty is Drobni pijesak, a beach located in a hidden cove, 250 m long. Its yellowish-whitish sand gives it the appearance of a real tropical beach, and olive groves and Mediterranean shrubbery around it make people call it a ,,wilderness beach". There is a fresh water spring at the very beach and several restaurants and cafes. Drobni pijesak is a favourite excursion site of the local people. In the past there used to be held the gathering of heads of the tribe of Pastrovici, the so-called ,,Bankada".
Perazica do beach is in the immediate vicinity of Rezevici Monastery, below the highway. This little sandy beach is hidden in a deep valley..
Petrovac beach is a sandy beach some 600m of length, with the sand of reddish colour, one of the most frequented beaches on the whole of Budva Riviera. The two islands of Katie and Sveta nedjelja, real challenges for the lovers of the underwater world, give it its special charm. The beach is bordered by a nice promenade lined with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops... There are two hotels in the vicinity, ,,Palas" and "4. jul". Lucice is a beautiful beach quite well frequented but still preserved intact. It is located some 500m southward from Petrovac. It has the shape of a little bay, 220 m in length; it is a sandy beach with shallow water and surrounded by cypress and pine trees. There are two restaurants here.

Buljarica is possibly the greatest development potential for Montenegrin coast. Buljarica field and the slopes of Dubovica hill are well suited for the development of all types of tourism. Buljarica cove stretches from Resovo brdo cove to Dubovica and is the largest beach at Budva Riviera. It is 1 km away from Petrovac towards Bar, it is some 2250 m long pebble beach. Today here there are several camping grounds and company-owned hotels.

The island of Sveti Nikola is the greatest excursion site of the area of Budva. The coast of the island runs steep into the sea, hiding several small secluded coves presenting a challenge for eccentrics, adventurers and romantics. The island has three sandy beaches of total length of 840 m. The island is covered in diverse Mediterranean plants giving these beaches the appearance of ,,wilderness beaches". It is suitable both for day and night trips. It is less than 1 kilometer away from Budva. During the summer season there are boats taking visitors from Budva beaches to the island. However, the most beautiful beaches on the southern side of the island are only accessible by very small boats.



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