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The north-western part of Bar's coastal region is similar in natural features to the coast of Budva.

Bar is the main sea port of Montenegro, with large part of Southeast and Central Europe gravitating towards it, also a part of the Adriatic highway goes through Bar (Petrovac - Bar - Ulcinj), and there is also the newly built ,,Sozina" tunnel (at Podgorica - Bar highway, a section of Beograd - Bar highway). The railway Bar - Podgorica - Beograd greatly contributes to this well-connectedness of Bar with the hinterland. Its wonderful beaches, other favourable features, especially the climate, natural and cultural heritage and modern reception facilities have influenced Bar, becoming a famous and prosperous tourist resort.

Biserna obala (Pearl shores), or otherwise known as Canj, is one of the most beautiful beaches at the coast of Montenegro. This beach is divided into two smaller ones by a mountain ridge. It is covered in thick layers of fine multicoloured sand and pebbles in water, which gave it its name. It is 1,800m long and may accommodate some 9,000 people. In the vicinity there is a hotel and a company-owned hotel, restaurants and cafes, surrounded with pine trees, cypress trees and Mediterranean plants. Maljevik cove, separated from the neighbouring cove by rt Klicevac, is a small rocky beach, between Canj and Sutomore. It is about 100 m long, with exceptionally clear sea. Nearby there is the Crni rt, with great underwater archaeological sites, real paradise for explorers of sea depths.

Sutomore beach is located near Bar. It is 1,250 m long and continues into Zlatna obala (Golden Shore), an 850-metre long beach of the hotel complex with the same name. Both of them are sandy beaches of golden colour, giving this area its peculiar beauty. It is known that staying on this beach soothes rheumatic ailments. In the vicinity of the beach there are hotels and private apartments for rental, restaurants and cafes located in dense pine and cypress woods. Venetian countesses loved to swim and bathe here three centuries ago.

Crvena plaza (Red Beach) is located in a small cove between Sutomore and Bar. It was named so because of the distinct red colour of the sand, or better, pebbles, covering the beach and sea bottom. It is 1,000m long and is surrounded by dense pinewoods. It is the favourite spot of people from Bar. Rocky beach Zukotrlica, about 1000m long, is located next to Crvena plaza. It is covered by pebble stones and surrounded by low growth Mediterranean shrubbery and pinewoods. It was named after the custom to submerge ,,zukva" there (low grown Mediterranean shrub with wonderful yellow flowers). The town beach Topolica is located in the very town in front of Topolica hotel and stretches from the river Zeljeznica to the port of Bar. It is a 500-metre long, pebble beach. Near the hotel, there are sport fields and a park. At one end of the beach there is a marina with 850 berths.

Crvena stijena (Red Rock) is a little hidden beach located behind Volujica hill, close to Bar, it is rocky and surrounded by low shrubbery.

 Veliki and Mali pijesak coves are located to the south of Bar, some 10 km away towards Ulcinj. These beaches are protected as nature reserves. They have fine sand, both on shore and in water. Due to their wonderful position, in the late afternoons you may enjoy fantastic views of sunset. The beaches are some
600 m long, connected to the main road. In the vicinity there are holiday houses built
under oak and olive trees.
Many say for Utjeha (Solace) beach that it is a real jewel since it is surrounded by a huge olive grove stretching all the way towards the highway and far into the distance. It is known for its beauty, insolation, and clear sea with many underwater sources of fresh water mixing with the sweater to create unusual light turquoise colour. Utjeha beach is located between Bar and Ulcinj, it is 800m long and has white pebble stone.

Murici Beach is the largest beach at Skadar lake. It is located near the village of Donji Murici at the north-western part of the lake. This is a sandy beach, some 600m long and 7 m wide, with shallow water and sandy bottom stretching deep into the lake. At the very beach there is a well of fresh and cold water, and it is surrounded by thick woods of oak and chestnut trees. Murici is a favourite excursion site where visitors may also taste the local dishes, like carp and eel, in wonderfully rich and unique flora and fauna. Skadar Lake is one of the national parks of Montenegro.


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